the K family | holiday mini sessions | maryland lifestyle photography

It's always a privilege to photograph this family. The boys, Bryan, Logan and Deacon, are so cute and obedient and mom Deanna always does a great job getting her men dressed up for the occasion while looking pretty darn cute herself. I feel like each boys' personality shines through just in the way that they smile and I know that life in the K house is full of fun and energy. We had a great time on the farm and even found a pretty cool red tractor to use as a prop. Thank you all for a great session and for  making my job so easy! 

the D family | holiday mini sessions | maryland lifestyle photography

Justin, Larissa and Annalisa kicked off my Holiday Mini Sessions for the year and they were fantastic! Annalisa just turned one and is about as adorable as they come. She has the most gorgeous eyes (and eyelashes!) and her cheeks are completely kissable. I've known Larissa for too many years to count and it was very sweet to see her with her doting husband and precious baby girl, who will be a big sister before her next birthday. Since Justin and Larissa had gotten engaged at the Agricultural Farm, it was extra special to be there for family photos.

Thank you guys for a delightful session! Now go kiss those smooshy cheeks on that baby of yours!

the M family | maryland lifestyle photography

Well you never know what kind of weather you will have in early September in Maryland. It could be a perfect, crisp fall day, or it could be blazing hot and humid. Wouldn't you know that's what we got two weekends ago? Hot and humid. Ugh. Steve and Jen and their adorable kiddos Victoria and Tucker were such troopers to come out on a muggy Saturday morning for photos. We met up at the beautiful Brookside Gardens and enjoyed a stroll through the park, ending at the pond where we saw at least 12 turtles who were hoping we were there to feed them! Despite the heat, it was a great session. Victoria is 4 going on 16 and Tucker is ALL boy and on a mission. And they couldn't be cuter.  Thanks you guys for sticking it out (and getting sticky with me)! I hope you enjoy the photos of your beautiful family!

Steve + Brittany | maryland wedding photography

Steve and Brittany were so wonderful.
Relaxed, happy and willing to be silly in order to get those natural smiles.
We had a beautiful evening for our shoot and you'd never know this was five years post wedding.
Brittany is as gorgeous and tiny as ever and Steve as charming.
Thank you guys for just being you!

Ava | maryland lifestyle newborn photography

There is something so special about a sweet baby girl being born into a family of boys.
Ava made her appearance this summer and Mason and Logan are the proud big brothers.
I have photographed all three of these kiddos since they were babies and it's one of the things I love about my "job" (if you can call it that) - seeing families grow. Ed and Amy have always been very laid back parents so they make adding baby #3 to the mix look like a (very sweet) piece of cake.
Here are a few of my favorite shots from Ava's newborn session. She was an angel the entire time.

Congratulations G Family on your beautiful baby girl!

Now booking Fall Lifestyle Family and Holiday Mini Sessions

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I have a limited amount of Lifestyle Family Sessions for this fall, the last date being November 8. 

J* Workshop | DC Wedding Photography

Last Monday I was privileged to attend the Jasmine Star DC WORKSHOP. I have been following J* for years and it's been a dream of mine that one day I'd get to attend one of her workshops and meet her in person. I actually hadn't checked Jasmine's blog in a little while and one day I had time to catch up and low and behold she had just posted about a workshop that she was going to do in DC! Whoot whoot! I quickly checked with my husband who immediately said, "Go for it" and registered. I was SO EXCITED to get that first email from Jasmine with the info about the workshop. 
The day of the workshop dawned bright and sunny and it was such a fun, inspiring, encouraging day on so many levels. Not only was it amazing meeting and talking to Jasmine and her wonderful business partner/husband JD, but it was so great meeting over 20 fantastic photographers all there to learn and grow. I loved every minute of it and none of us wanted the day to be over.

During the afternoon portion of the WORKSHOP, we had a photo shoot with a beautiful, real life couple. Brian and Ana looked amazing and were so generous with their time. They had some wonderful stylists and artists making them gorgeous:
Flowers: Highway to Hill

It was so helpful watching Jasmine as she worked with Brian and Ana - she gave us her best tips for catching the most natural, but beautiful looks and poses. Watching her was really fun!
Meanwhile the rest of us were angling to capture our own shots without stepping on anyone else's toes which was no small feat with over 20 of us crowded around on the sidewalks of downtown DC.
It was so great!

Jasmine challenged us to only post the images that we felt best captured who we are as photographers. Trust me, it's harder than you think. Here are some of my favorites from the day and for the record, Jasmine, I'm counting diptychs as 1 photo.

Jasmine, you rock! It was so lovely to meet you and learn from you and just hang out and chat. 
JD, you rock too! You guys are so *blessed* to work together and you are both such and encouragement. I hope our paths cross again.
Brian and Ana, all the best to you. May your life together be as beautiful as you are! You made it so easy for us to capture so many gorgeous images.

Thanks to Stephanie Scott for rocking it out and doing so much to get this WORKSHOP up and running in DC. It was the best. ever. I am so thankful.

The End