the Sherwoods | family lifestyle photography

We had some beautiful light for my session with the Sherwoods and they looked awesome as usual.
There was something about this year with Easton and Kiley. They are right on the verge of going from being big little kids to big big kids and it's bittersweet. I'm going to blink and in a few years they will be teenagers. I know, because it's happened to my kids!
Anyway, I'm waxing sentimental. It's always a pleasure to photograph Jason and Karen then their adorable LITTLE kids. :)

the Weltons | holiday mini session

The Weltons are such a joyful family and there were lots of smiles and laughter during our mini session. I love how the kids adore each other.  Isaac, Sammy, Luke and Colt couldn't be cuter and Sammy holds her own among all those boys! We had a beautiful (if a little breezy) fall day for our shoot and here are some of my favorites.

Holiday Mini Sessions are Full!

Thank you to all of my clients who filled up my Fall/Holiday schedule so quickly! I have received a few inquiries in the past day or two about mini session availability for this year. I am booked for the season and will not be scheduling any more until 2015. That's a happy/sad thing because while it means I am busy (yay!), it also means I can't fit you in this year (boo!). Check back with me after the New Year for dates and availability. XO

the Boisvert family | holiday mini session

I recently posted bridal photos of Steve and Brittany. They barely look old enough to be married five years let alone with three adorable kiddos. But to prove it, here are some of my favorite photos from our mini session. I dare you to look and not smile.

the Gerhaz/Suzuki family | holiday mini session

It's always a treat to see this family each year. Two fine boys with a bundle of energy and fantastic smiles....they never disappoint! And Ralph and Megumi are always willing to join in the fun.
Til next year...

the K family | holiday mini sessions | maryland lifestyle photography

It's always a privilege to photograph this family. The boys, Bryan, Logan and Deacon, are so cute and obedient and mom Deanna always does a great job getting her men dressed up for the occasion while looking pretty darn cute herself. I feel like each boys' personality shines through just in the way that they smile and I know that life in the K house is full of fun and energy. We had a great time on the farm and even found a pretty cool red tractor to use as a prop. Thank you all for a great session and for  making my job so easy! 

the D family | holiday mini sessions | maryland lifestyle photography

Justin, Larissa and Annalisa kicked off my Holiday Mini Sessions for the year and they were fantastic! Annalisa just turned one and is about as adorable as they come. She has the most gorgeous eyes (and eyelashes!) and her cheeks are completely kissable. I've known Larissa for too many years to count and it was very sweet to see her with her doting husband and precious baby girl, who will be a big sister before her next birthday. Since Justin and Larissa had gotten engaged at the Agricultural Farm, it was extra special to be there for family photos.

Thank you guys for a delightful session! Now go kiss those smooshy cheeks on that baby of yours!